Flowers for Every Occasion in Zimbabwe

Flowers are regarded as a lovely present during most, if not all types of occasions. 

It could be during Valentine’s Day, Christmas, a wedding, a funeral, an anniversary, Easter, mother's day, welcoming a new-born baby. Through their radiance and eye-catching blooms, flowers help people pass heartfelt messages of love, sympathy, congratulatory messages, get well messages, appreciation … among many more. 
Flowers for Every Occasion in Zimbabwe
Flowers for Every Occasion in Zimbabwe
Here is some advice on what flowers fit what specific occasions.

1. Father’s Day: Show him that he is the world’s best dad with a bouquet of blooming Roses or some sturdy and long-lasting Tropical Flowers

2. Mother’s Day: Some of the most popular Mother's Day flowers include lilies, orchards, tulips, roses, gerberas, irises and callas. You could go for the good old traditional pink color, but there is no harm in being flexible and creative to please Mum by choosing a different color.

3. Wedding: Every month has its seasonal flowers, and since flowers add that needed fragrance and décor to this special day, seasonal flowers would be the best option. During the spring season, you can go for pale, delicate flowers; while dark, rich colored flowers would work well for fall. If you buy flowers in season, just like other perishables, they are better priced, too. Although flowers such as roses, gerberas, anthuriums and orchids are available throughout the seasons.

4. Anniversaries: Try and be creative so as to bring out an awe-inspiring element of surprise. For anniversaries seasonal flowers are also your best bet. If you are getting flowers for friends or family who are celebrating an anniversary, go for choices that best fit their personalities.
Flowers for Every Occasion in Zimbabwe
Flowers for Every Occasion in Zimbabwe

5. Christmas: During many age-old occasions, the tried and tested traditions always work best. Many people prefer seasonal flowers and plants such as Poinsettia, Christmas cactus, holly, Christmas rose, ivy, mistletoe, form a major part of traditional Christmas decoration.

6. Birthday: Get the person their favorite flower… that would be the best way to go about it. Get something colorful too, just to add that needed celebratory mood.
Flowers for Every Occasion in Zimbabwe
Flowers for Every Occasion in Zimbabwe
7. Get well soon: To wish your loved ones well, you can get them some bright, glowing flowers that will help cheer them up. Dark red or yellow complimented by vases or healthy gourmet basket. Another option for loved ones going through a long recovery, a beautiful bulb garden, potted flowers, or plants are both welcome and lasting gifts that will help create a warm and comfortable environment.

8. Graduation: Be it roses, orchids or gerberas; you can be creative and have them arranged in the school’s theme color. Make sure the flowers are bright and colorful.

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